Wednesday, June 14, 2006

End of the 2006 Competition

It's been a fun and exciting first year. A lot has been learned and we are in the process of making and "Improvements for next year"s list. We're going to keep the same shape, but redo the entire bottom and top if we can get the carbon. The car is also going to go on a steel diet. All the uprights for next year will hopefully be composites and the engine development will hopefully take place.

Goals for the engine:

  • overhead cam
  • smaller displacement (50 cc instead of 150)
  • fuel injected
  • lighter body

Goals for the car:

  • get rid of all the steel
  • put 2 layers of 45 degrees carbon to prevent twisting of the chassis
  • lighter engine mounting plate
  • higher gear ratio
  • more testing
  • look prettier!

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