Wednesday, June 14, 2006

End of the 2006 Competition

It's been a fun and exciting first year. A lot has been learned and we are in the process of making and "Improvements for next year"s list. We're going to keep the same shape, but redo the entire bottom and top if we can get the carbon. The car is also going to go on a steel diet. All the uprights for next year will hopefully be composites and the engine development will hopefully take place.

Goals for the engine:

  • overhead cam
  • smaller displacement (50 cc instead of 150)
  • fuel injected
  • lighter body

Goals for the car:

  • get rid of all the steel
  • put 2 layers of 45 degrees carbon to prevent twisting of the chassis
  • lighter engine mounting plate
  • higher gear ratio
  • more testing
  • look prettier!

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Videos of the Competition 4

Ivy Tech, Penn State, & Cal Poly

Cal Poly on banked turn

Cal Poly & Ivy Tech 2 coasting

Cal Poly & Ivy Tech

Videos of the Competition 3

Cal Poly Starting

Cal Poly Starting

Cal Poly on the straight away

Eaton doing some semi jack knifing testing

Videos of the Competition 2


UMass, Windsor & British Columbia

York College of Pa

Central Michigan

Videos of the Competition 1

Laval University Starting

Chisago University

University of British Columbia Starting

University of British Columbia and Mater Dei High School

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Trip Home

We had to travel 2500 miles back to CA in 3 days so that our Formula team could have the van and trailer.

David hugging the dinosaur at a gas station in the middle of Colorado

Estevan passed out in the back of the van

Jason passed out in the back of the fan

And of course, me passed out in the back of the van

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Cal Poly 2006


  • 6th place out of 17 schools with 861 mpg
  • 1 of two school with a monocoque chassis and composite roll bar. (The other school was Cal Berkeley)
  • Definately turned heads with the quality of the layups and the surface finish.
  • Learned a lot about what to do next year!

She's so sexy.

What a nose.

British Columbia checking out our surface finish while waiting for tech inspection.

David, Estevan, & Josh doing the oral examination. We were the first to do this examination in the history of SAE SuperMileage!

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Other Schools Part 2

E.T.S. or the University of Quebec. Last year they had a car about twice the size. They placed ahead of us in this years competition, even though they only got 1 or 2 runs in.

University of Laval. They placed 2nd this year.

The University of British Columbia with Cal Poly behind them.

A picture of the garage during the Aesthics Award voting.

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Other Schools

Here is the University of British Columbia. They took first place for the 3rd year in a row with over 3100 mpg. Their car is tiny!

Here is Cedarville University with their rear stear car. Way to go guys with the uniqueness, and nice surface finish.

Binghamton University

Ivy Tech. They beat us in the Aesthetics Award, eh using air brushed paint to hide the imperfections in the surface. Naked carbon fiber still looks the best!

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Day 2 of Competition Continued

The unofficial results. After British Columbia's 2nd run of 2900 mpg, the judged didn't believe it so they delayed the mark until after their 3rd run.

What the engine compartment looked like after David "accidentally" made the fire extinguisher go off while trying to get out of the car.

The raffle and awards ceremony. It took forever!

The Cal Poly SMV team that went to Michigan. Tom is missing from the picture & the competition.

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Day 2 of Competition!

Jason getting ready to make his run

All the cars waiting for fuel underneath the tent.

Jason bundled up and ready to go

The car out on the track

Cal Poly 6th with 861 mpg

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Accelerating & Coasting Testing Part 2

Tom Coasting

Tom Accelerating

Jason Coasting

Josh Accelerating

Josh Coasting

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Here in Michigan

So we finally arrive in Marshall Michigan after an 8 hour drive from Iowa City. Now it's time to put some finishing touches to the car. Here we are in an abandoned Kmart parking lot.

Here is Estevan cutting the holes for the wheels larger (inside the trailer because of the pouring rain).

Tomorrow is the first day of competition where a safety check will be performed and practice runs will be made. More updates the next few days.


Well we finally made it to Michigan. The rest of the day was spent putting some finishing touches to the car. Here are some pix of the trip:

Here is David "sleeping" in the car

The Hooters of Omaha, Nebraska. The twins and Estevan had never been. ;-)

Here we are at one of the many gas stations along the trip. Kum &

Here is what Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, & Illinois looks like. Pretty darn boring.

Map of the Trip which we did in 4 days

The states we went through:

Sunday, June 04, 2006

More Videos!

First Engine Test

First Run

Stop Test